Our team

We are an experienced team that listens to your needs. We make every effort to satisfy our most demanding customers.

Our enterprise

Buypro SA

Your exclusive partner for the research and negotiation of private and professional vehicles throughout Switzerland. Benefit from our agreements with our brand partners and our volume of business, our knowledge of the market to save you money and time.

  • In-depth knowledge of purchasing, selling and leasing
  • Over 20 years of experience in the automotive field
  • A network of privileged relationships with renowned companies and brands
  • A dynamic team eager to surpass themselves to meet the highest demands of our customers and partners.

In short, we are a central purchasing of cars.


This is our team

Kamil Sönmez

CEO and founder

Marie-Noëlle Sönmez

Administration & HR Manager

Benoît Porchet

VIP driver

Albert Aduart

VIP driver


Here are some testimonials from our customers


Buypro, « buying for Pros » is clearly the definition of this company .

The rigor and professionalism shown by Mr. Sönmez and his team allow us to efficiently optimize the management of our fleet.
Listening to our needs, Mr. Sönmez has always responded quickly to our requests and the requirements of a group like ours.

Patrick Pulver CEO chez Posse Groupe

Very satisfied

We bought several vehicles from Buypro and we are perfectly satisfied with the services. These are the best prices we have found on the market. We can only recommend Buypro to everyone.

Christian Hennard

As a representative of Kalcontrol, Aircontrol System and Apex Switzerland, I would like to acknowledge the exceptional work done by Mr Sönmez as the main supplier of our fleets.
Mr. Sönmez is very responsive and works efficiently to answer our (often) last minute requests. It is a dynamic, organized, humble and discreet person. In addition, he demonstrates a concern for a job well done in order to produce services that meet my requirements.
I sincerely believe that Buypro has a bright future and I warmly recommend it to everyone.

Chris Marci – CEO Group


A company apart

Excellent sales conditions coupled with a fast and efficient service are the elements that, for me, make Buypro a company apart.

Anne-Claude Truchement

A real added value

Buypro offers you a real added value for the purchase of your vehicle. Not only do you enjoy the best guaranteed price on the market, but also financial advice. You can also enjoy other premium services that can be useful to you (tire service, washing, VIP services, etc.) and maintenance prices below the competition.

If your current vehicle is still well-used, Buypro can make you money on the resale of it. For me, regarding the sale of my vehicle, it was 5’000 francs more than the recovery of the garages and Buypro takes care of everything, great.

As for the purchase of my new vehicle, I gained almost 10% more than the garage price with the same benefits and I did not care about anything! Take the test by doing a simulation with your garage and contact Buypro. Thank you in any case, I am very happy to have used their service.

Christophe Parmentier